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What does my long term disability policy cover?

Whether you purchased an individual policy or have a group policy through an employer, each plan is very unique. While no two plans are alike, most cover a variety of disabling conditions. Many people mistakenly think short and long term disability policies only cover disabling illness or injuries that occur while working. Such conditions may also be covered, but the majority of long term disability claims are not work related. Disability insurance is meant to protect your income if you become disabled and unable to work. Disabling medical conditions like neurological disorders, degenerative diseases, cancer, cardiac impairments, brain injuries or other chronic sickness or mental illness may all be covered by long term disability insurance.

Don’t give up on long term disability benefits you deserve.

The promise of long term disability insurance is to secure a percentage of your income if you become or injured and unable to work. If you are disabled, claiming benefits should be straightforward. But the unfortunate reality is that insurance companies make it very difficult, particularly if you are disabled for more than 24 months. These big businesses care more about profit than promises. Despite years of paying premiums or how deserving you may be, legitimate long term disability claims are often denied by insurance companies, leaving you without the steady income your long term disability insurance should cover.

Don’t give up on your right to appeal. That’s what insurance companies expect you to do. Our highly experienced long term disability lawyers know how to get the benefits you deserve.

Where are you in the process?

  • Haven’t applied or filed for an LTD insurance claim yet?
  • Applied for long term disability and waiting to receive benefits?
  • Gotten a denial on your LTD claim, and you need to appeal?
  • Need help with a lawsuit or settlement?
  • Receiving LTD benefits but got notice for overpayment or termination?

Regardless of where you are in the process, it is in your best interest to consult with an attorney dedicated to disability benefits law. Dealing with complex paperwork and deadlines is especially difficult when you’re sick or injured. Insurance companies know this and often oversimplify or mislead the process — even request information you are not required to provide that serve their interests more than yours.

Do I need an attorney?

All long term disability policies are governed either by ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act) or Insurance Bad Faith laws. These laws are extremely complex—even for attorneys, unless they are dedicated exclusively to disability benefits law. You may be wondering whether you can afford an attorney to help with your long term disability claim. But with your income at stake, the reality is you can’t afford not to have an attorney on your side. Your insurance company has a large team of people, including their own lawyers and doctors, doing everything they can to avoid paying your long term disability claim, lawsuit or settlement. The stakes are too high not to fight for the benefits you need and rightfully deserve.


Why choose Ober Pekas Ronstadt?

Consultations are free and we won’t charge a dime unless we win you benefits. We’ve secured millions of dollars in benefits for our clients. We can help you too. For more than 30 years, our attorneys have routinely prevailed in long term disability claims, appeals, lawsuits and settlements.

Our long term disability lawyers practice exclusively in ERISA and Insurance Bad Faith law. We have in-depth experience handling long term disability claims and know the insurance companies and their tactics very well. We know what it takes to the get the long term disability benefits you need so you can focus on what matters most—your health.

We also treat you with kindness and respect throughout the process. Unlike other firms, our services don’t stop after we win your claim or lump sum settlement. We also help ensure your long term disability benefits are regularly and correctly paid will remain available to you as needed. This is key as insurance companies regularly monitor to try to terminate long term disability claims, typically after 24 months.

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