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I work alongside our attorneys in the long term disability administrative appeals process. I bring extensive knowledge on disabling medical conditions to the long term disability team along with vast understanding of ERISA and Social Security disability law, vocational requirements, and Plan/Policy document review. I joined OPR in 2008 with 16 years of prior experience as a litigation legal assistant specializing in large volume discovery. I hold a Paralegal Studies degree, graduated with honors and am very proud of my dedication to the disabled and passion to achieve the best possible outcome in every case.

Kassandra Boling
Appeals Mgmt., LTD

Irene Cole

I joined OPR Disability Law with over 20 years of experience working for Social Security. Once we win SSDI or SSI claims, I guide clients through the process of getting their benefits started and the release of back payments. I help them understand their Social Security Disability benefits from start to finish and make sure that benefits are paid correctly. I also provide referrals to other agencies based on their needs. My goal is to ensure a smooth process for clients so they can feel at ease and know they are in good hands.

Irene Cole
Post Case Mgmt., SSD


As your medical records specialists, I request and obtain medical records while working alongside our disability lawyers and legal assistants to ensure social security and/or long term disability claims are efficiently prepared for hearing or litigation. You can rely on me to sort and maintain your medical records for the best possible outcome and to ensure understanding throughout the process. I joined OPR Disability Law in 2018 while also pursuing my Bachelor’s in Business Law from Arizona State University.

Kaitlyn Gonzalez
Medical Records, SSD & LTD


As a receptionist and an administrative assistant, I answer your calls and perform various duties that get you going in the right direction. I am deeply passionate about helping people, and love being a part of the very meaningful work we do at OPR Disability Law. Prior to joining the firm in 2010, I spent more than 12 years working for non-profit organizations and state agencies. I am caring and compassionate and do my best to give joy and kindness to every client.

Joanna Mori
Receptionist, SSD & LTD


I work alongside your attorney and the medical records team to review and prepare for your Social Security disability hearing. I will help guide you through the hearing process and assure understanding of your disability claim. Prior to joining OPR Disability Law in 2010, I graduated cum laude from the University of California, Los Angeles and worked for a national disability law firm as a legal writer and disability advocate. I enjoy helping the disabled and providing committed, knowledgeable legal assistance.

Josef Hespenheide
Hearing Mgmt., SSD


I assist you through explaining and discussing your options for Supplement Security Income (SSI), Social Security and/or Long Term Disability. I help ensure cases are processed properly with the Social Security Administration. I have over 10 years of experience as a case manager with Social Security Disability firms and worked as a disability evaluator for the Social Security Administration’s Disability Determination Service prior to joining Ober Pekas Ronstadt in 2011. I understand that applying for Social Security and Long Term Disability benefits is frustrating. I am a patient listener and can knowledgeably answer your questions throughout the process.

Sylvia Hokey
Legal Asst., SSD & LTD

Merry Martin

I prepare and manage your records to keep your Long Term Disability claim moving quickly and efficiently, ensuring all deadlines and filing requirements are met. I bring more than 30 years of litigation management experience to our LTD team and am proud to work with the best long term disability lawyers in Arizona. This expertise and dedication provides the best results possible so you receive the LTD benefits you need as quickly as possible.

Merry Martin
Claims Mgmt., LTD

I work alongside your case manager, providing administrative support to help your case every step of the way. I come from a strong customer service background and aid in the efficiency of our clients’ SSDI and SSI claims here at OPR Disability Law. I am very driven and happy to be a part of your journey for disability benefits. I understand your livelihood is at stake and take my role to help support your claim very seriously.

Sabrina Ybarra
Case Mgmt Support, SSD


I’ve been with Ober Pekas Ronstadt since 2001, serving in numerous positions, including hearing specialist, case manager and intake specialist roles. Prior to working with our Arizona Disability Attorneys, I worked as a Disability Claims Manager for Social Security for more than 10 years. I am a recipient of the Director's Meritorious Service Award for my work as a special education teacher and advocate for the disabled. My knowledge of the requirements and medical documentation needed will make the process of starting your disability claim easy and effective.

Linda Ogburn
Legal Asst., SSD & LTD


I handle the ongoing demands of insurance companies while you are on claim to help ensure long term disability benefits are received and maintained. My top priority is to make the process as smooth as possible and less burdensome for you. In 2011, I graduated summa cum laude in Paralegal Studies and worked for two other law firms prior to joining Arizona’s best disability lawyers in 2014. I knew from day one OPR disability law was the place for me as I share the team’s passion and commitment to protecting your rights and benefits.

Ashley Porter
Claims Mgmt., LTD


As your medical records specialist, I am responsible for obtaining your records to assist our attorneys in preparation for hearings. I joined OPR Disability Law in 2019 but have many years of prior experience gathering medical records/documents for Social Security Disability and other types of law. I am dedicated and determined with a passion for helping people. I make it my top priority to ensure all your medical records to support your case are in as soon as possible.

Noemi “Mimi” Reza
Medical Records Specialist

I work with the Social Security Administration and the Disability Determination Services office to manage your disability claim for the best possible outcome. I will help you understand and feel confident throughout the process. I completed my Paralegal degree and joined the firm in 2011. Prior to that, I spent 10 years in customer service and restaurant management. This complements my legal expertise and commitment to helping people and effectively managing cases. I look forward to helping you or a family member to get the disability benefits you need and deserve.

Tifiny Rubalcaba
Case Mgmt., SSD

Before joining OPR Disability Law in 2018, I worked for large insurance companies as an Adjuster and as a Long Term Disability Examiner for several years. I also worked as a Legal Assistant and case management at another Arizona Social Security Disability law firm. I understand all aspects of disability applications, appeals and hearings and will work hard alongside the attorneys to make this difficult process as smooth as possible for you. I am truly humble and compassionate about your needs and will be totally committed in providing you with exceptional service.

Jessica Sanchez
Legal Asst., SSD & LTD

As the case management team coordinator, I help ensure every client feels confident and highly satisfied with their legal services. I take this commitment very seriously and with great pride. Prior to joining OPR Disability Law in 2004, I was a disability examiner for the Phoenix and Tucson Disability Determination Service Administration offices, making the medical determinations for SSDI & SSI claims. Through this experience, I gained many contacts at the DDSA and SSA offices. These local relationships are advantageous, especially at the early levels of adjudication.

Mitch Sarver
Case Mgmt., SSD


As a medical records specialist, I work alongside legal assistants to ensure cases are efficiently prepared for hearing. I am responsible for requesting and obtaining medical records from providers as evidence in Social Security Disability cases. My time management and communication skills help me talk to providers to ensure medical records are received as needed and in a timely manner. I joined OPR in 2014 and am also pursuing my Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing degree from Arizona State University.

Lexie Thompson
Medical Records, SSD & LTD


I serve as your primary point of contact to help manage and develop your disability case. I will guide, and answer questions or concerns about the Social Security Disability process at the initial, appeal and hearing level. I work alongside the attorneys and hearing team to prepare your case for the best possible outcome. I am fluent in Spanish and English and will always communicate with you clearly and compassionately. Prior to joining Ober Pekas Ronstadt Arizona Disability Attorneys in 2010, I worked as a client advocate for another Social Security Disability Insurance firm for several years.

Vanessa Vega
Case Mgmt., SSD

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